Frequently Asked Questions

At Higdon Oaks, you can expect a wide range of community amenities tailored for a family-friendly, resort-like experience. Our community clubhouse houses a game room, business center, fitness center, and library. Additionally, residents enjoy access to resort-style swimming pools, splash pads, pavilions, sport courts, and dog parks. For those who love the outdoors, we offer walking trails, playgrounds, and beautifully maintained grounds to enhance your living experience.

Choosing to lease land instead of owning it offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows individuals and families, whether they’re just starting out or entering retirement, to take pride in home ownership without the financial strain of land costs and conventional real estate taxes. By doing so, you can enjoy the perks of a modular home community, which includes resort-style amenities and low-maintenance living. Essentially, land leasing in our communities provides a pathway to home ownership with added financial flexibility, all while enjoying a high-quality, resort-like environment.

Our manufacture home communities prioritize security to ensure a safe living environment for all residents. Every community is equipped with a gated entrance, and we’ve installed surveillance cameras throughout the properties. These cameras operate 7 days a week, ensuring consistent monitoring and protection.

Yes, there is a structured application process for our community. Unlike many traditional neighborhoods, anyone wishing to reside in our modular home community must first submit and receive approval from their application.

Every manufactured home within our community is owned by its resident and must be a new home. While residents have the flexibility to select from various homes that align with our guidelines, each home must have skirting, a deck, and be fully connected to utilities. We accept homes from various manufacturers as long as they comply with current federal, state, and local codes. Residents are obligated to uphold our community standards, which include maintaining their lawns and gardens and keeping the area around their homes tidy and free of clutter.

Yes, residents are responsible for the upkeep of their individual lawns and gardens. However, all community and shared spaces are maintained by the community management, ensuring our manufacture home communities consistently uphold the standards of resort-style living for everyone.

Each home in our community comes with two designated off-street parking spaces, and we provide plenty of visitor spots. However, street parking is not permitted. To make use of visitor spots, a visitor pass is required. This system helps ensure that all residents can accommodate their guests as needed.

Yes, our modular home community welcomes pets! However, all pets need to be registered with our office and must be up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations. It’s important to note that certain breeds, deemed potentially aggressive, are not allowed. A comprehensive list of these prohibited breeds is available in our rules and regulations.

Yes, all noise must be controlled after 10pm.

Yes 6′ wood fences are allowed.

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